So who am i?

So who am i?

My name is Jessica, but most people call me Jess and i have desided to start charing my experiences from driving tour logistics all over europe!

Shortly a little bit about myself, I’m a swedish female truckdriver and has been driving trucks since 5 years now and the last 2 years is with tour logistics. My passion in life is seeing that road disappear under the wheels of my truck, to see new places and meet new people! The freedom i feel when driving is hard to beat, except for when i’m home with my lovely man, he is my greatest support and best friend.

So, for those who wonder what i might do except of driving. I’m also planning my routes, i’m in charge of the load while we load in and load out. Sometimes i’m also helping out with set up and strike when it’s possible/needed. I can be helpfull with other tasks like selling merchandise, take the roll as a runner and so on. I’m a quick learner and love when i can help out!

Tour logistics means that i take care of the transport of all the stage equipment like lights, sound, decor etc. for different musicians, theatres, orchestras, and other kind of productions that is out on tour thru europe!

So i hope you will enjoy the reading!

Rock on! /Jess


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