Finally the last part from Melodifestivalen 2019!

Finally the last part from Melodifestivalen 2019!

I finished the tour with Melodifestivalen 1,5 week ago with unloading at Friends Arena in Stockholm! It was a fun tour with stops in Gothenburg, Malmö, Leksand, Lidköping, Nyköping and then unloaded for the last time at Friends Arena in Stockholm.

Tegera Arena in Leksand

As i wrote before i could not say so much about this tour because of the high security policy of what to share and not on social Media.

Sparbanken Arena in Lidköping

This tour is one of the most chilled ones where we work about 3 days and then go home for a couple of days then go back for another 3 days of work.

Malmö Arena in Malmö

It’s so fun to go on tour with so many drivers! We were 10 great drivers and we helped each other with all the trailers and links, after we finished our own truck ofcourse. It is such a awesome feeling when you have so many good people working together.

Friends Arena in Stockholm

Otherwise it’s not so much to say about this tour other than we sometimes had a little trouble with snow and slippery roads but definitly handable!

Next tour: Mia skäringer – No more fucks to give!

Rock on! //Jess

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