Due to security policys..

Due to security policys..

It is a while since i posted something, and it’s a really easy reason for that. I’m very thankful for you to be so patience and i will explain why.

This event that i have been driving is one of the biggest event that we have in Sweden. It is Melodifestivalen and they have a very strict security policy. That prevents me for telling so much about this tour. I gave you a small insight in my last post and that is what i can say about it right now.

But i think most of you can understand the risks around these kind of events. Which i think is very good to have! Ofcourse there is always some rules around everything i drive, that i can’t write about. But some events, especially these that involves so many people got to have alot more safety rules.

I mean it is quite simpel, it is to protect everyone that works with this.

When i’m done with this tour i will make another small post about how we have been working.

I hope you understand and keep beeing patience this upcoming week that is left for me on this tour!

Rock on! //Jess

P.s i much share a pic from after i washed the truck! Isn’t she beauyful!? <3

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