Hello Melodifestivalen!

Hello Melodifestivalen!

So with this easy start of 2019, I´m part of the convoy of 10 trucks from Mediatec. My fellow drivers and I are taking care of transporting the production for this swedish tv-show called Melodifestivalen. And i am very proud to be a part of this crew of drivers, and I think this tour will be really fun!

Not much I can say for now more than it is soon time to load here in Gothenburg and tomorrow we are heading to Malmö. Unloading there and the following stops will be Leksand, Lidköping, Nyköping and then the final in Stockholm.

Here is four of the ten trucks that is driving this tour!

And here is my beauty! I finally got to wash it, so i doesn’t have to be ashamed when arriving!

I will update more later on!

Rock on! //Jess

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