Summertour with Meshuggah 2018 part 2!

Summertour with Meshuggah 2018 part 2!

Hey all! Today i will continue my story with Meshuggah. I ended my last post from when we were in Derby U.K. After the Download festival we went to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards which took place at the O2 in London. They were nominated and won the category of beeing the Inspiration of the year! After that we had a looong drive of 797 miles to Roxy a club in Czech Republic.

I continued the tour to Nickelsdorf in Austria to Nova Rock festival. Here we had only rain and mud and is the only place on the tour were i got stuck in the mud with the truck. So this place was not so fun only wet and muddy. Lucky they got a tractor that could pull me up from the mud.

Next stop was at Substage in Karlsruhe in Germany followed by Download Festival in France. And then we got to 3 small clubs in Italy. At the Live club in Milano they had a hard time realising that i was the truck driver. They thought it was my co-worker until i actually sat behind the wheel and backing out from the place.

Escorted to Orion club by the police!

On my way to the next club in Rome called Orion club i got escorted by the police. No problems at all, i think they just wondered what i was doing there with such a big truck! But i didn’t mind cus it was morning traffic and they put the sirens on to escort me to the club. They was very kind to me, giving me compliments for my tattoos and for my truck. All they wanted to know was if the truck had insurance and then they were happy! So it’s not every day you get police escort to the clubs!

Club Estragon in Bologna was a nice small club followed by a cool festival in Clisson, France, called Hellfest. A huge festival in a very smal town with narrow streets. And here we also met another co-worker that was on tour with the swedish band Europe. After Hellfest we went to La Rodia in
Besançon, France. From there i took a rental car to the airport for yet another weekly brake, while my second driver to the stop to Grasspop in Belgium.

When my break ended we finished this tour with to stops in Finland. First one was at the Tuska festival in Helsinki, a very nice festival in the middle of the town. And the final stop on the tour was to Provinssi festival in Seinäjoki. Always feels a bit sad when ending a tour with such nice people as they are! And i really hope that i get the honor to work with them again on their next tour! Long live MESHUGGAAAAH!

I hope you enjoyed the reading from this tour! Thank you!

Rock on! //Jess

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