Summertour with Meshuggah 2018 part 1!

Summertour with Meshuggah 2018 part 1!

So one of the funniest tours so far was the summer tour with the brutal heavy metal band, Meshuggah 2018! These brilliant people are just great to work with. They are very kind, funny and caring. 

Very soon we was like a family, which is very unusual. Normally when working with this it is a small distance between the band, the crew and the drivers. And it is more usual to have more contact with the crew than the band (very logic ofcourse). But with Meshuggah it was different. We did almost everything togheter, and they are very down to earth and it was just super fun! 

From the third stop that was at Rock am Ring. Which is located at a racetrack in Nuremberg.

Some routes were to long and a second driver was needed, at the time my co-worker Juhani.

We started out with some cool festivals. Rock im Park in Germany followed with Forta Rock in Netherlands and then back to Germany to Rock am Ring. A very cool festival at a racetrack so that felt pretty awesome, imagine driving your truck at a real racetrack! Ofcourse alot slower but just the thing doing that! 

After that we went to Klub Kwadrat in Krakow, Poland. And here my second driver jumped in and i took the flight home for my weekly brake. So he did the second stop in Warsaw, Poland at Progresja and then back to Sweden for the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg. When it was time for Sweden Rock i took the train to meet them and continue the tour! 

After the festival in Sweden we continued with the double drive to England, my second time with the left-hand traffic. There we had the first stop at Download festival in Derby. They was so impressed and surprised by me being a female truck driver! At one point when loading after the show i had 8-9 guys in the trailer pushing a light wagon (that i could manage myself haha). They were very cute and helpful but i had to tell them to relax. I mean they need to help out on the stage, that suddenly had no people helping them with the strike! Anyway the festival was great and really fun.

But that was definitly not the end of it! I have alot more to tell you about this tour so i will split this post to part 1 & 2. Second part will be posted on friday so hang in there folks!

Rock On! //Jess

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