Merry Christmas and…

Merry Christmas and…

… today i wan’t to share a little bit from my first double-drive! (for those who doesn’t know what that means more than the obvious, it also means that you can drive for alot more hours according to the swedish driving rules)

Gasometer in Vienna Austria

I had my first double drive with my friend Victor. That spring he did a tour with Fever Ray, when a second driver was needed. So this was my first time out in europe (that was longer than that one short run to Berlin and back). And i had so much fun!

Muffatwerk in München, Germany

I learned alot from Victor about how it works out in europe. About the tolls and border controlls to different countries! Which is just great to have the chance to learn all of that while on the road. So if you read this Victor, again thank you! 😀 The places i went with Victor was to Vienna (Austria), Milano (Italy) and Münich (Germany).

Fabrique in Milano, Italy

A few weeks later i continued that tour with Fever Ray without Victor. And the places i visited was Hamburg (Geman), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Bergen (Norway), Cologne (Germany), London (UK), Manchester (UK), Copenhagen (Denmark).

So this also meant that it was my first time in the UK! And what a challenge with the traffic on the other side! But i managed really well, it was just a little more to think about especially with the round-abouts. It is a little harder when you go the other direction in it and kind of sitting on the “wrong” side to see the traffic.

And with that story told i wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and ROCK ON! //Jess

4 Replies to “Merry Christmas and…”

  1. Hi Jess I really enjoy reading your new blog and IG posts. It’s so cool! Even though I am English, I am learning to write much better because your written English is so perfect. Your English is so better than my teachers at school and so my written English is now improving because of your IG and blog posts. So thank you for all of this. I can’t wait for your next blog post. Rock on!

    1. Good morning Paul! Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the reading 😃 stay put i will write a new post soon. Cheers and Rock on! //Jess

  2. You are a rock on girl congratulations for a amazing job and I see how mutch love this job Jess!
    I liked to see people to work happily in their jobs because the life is short and must we live it with laughs and happy.
    Sorry for my English i don’t speak well.
    Keep enjoying the tours!

    1. Thank you! Yes i truly do love my job, my job is my passion!
      Yes every second count that is why i do what i love.
      No worries its good enough for me to understand ☺️
      Thank you!!
      Rock on!

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