Summer festivals from 2017

Summer festivals from 2017

One of my first music artists to tour with was the swedish singer Henrik Berggren. Between 1989-2008 he was the singer in the band Broder Daniel. So this early summer of 2017, he released his first solo-album Wolf’s Heart, and he went out for this small comeback tour with 6 shows here in Sweden.

It was a small production so it was a city trailer for this tour. But i really enjoyed working with this crew and i learned alot from this tour about festivals. I’m very happy that i got the chance to work with them and hopefully i will do that again sometime. At least i have met a few of them after that tour on other jobs.

Before i started to drive tour logistics i have visited only one festival in my life and it was Peace & Love 2011 so that did definitly change this summer!

It was also during this tour i got my new truck, a Scania R450 Streamline from 2016. A really nice truck to drive and also very beautyful!
Henrik Berggren (Sorry for the poor quality it’s a picture from my mobile)

Another swedish singer i went for a festival with, was Zara Larsson. This woman was discovered at the age of 10 from a tv-show and since that day she just climbed the stairs up to the top of where she is today!

I had the honor to take her equipment to a really fun and big festival in Denmark. Smukfest is located in the forrest and i it has so much to see that even before the doors for the public opened i actually managed to get lost! 😛

Main stage at Smukfest, Denmark

Anyway i hope you enjoyed these 2 small stories from the past!

Rock on! /Jess

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