Women in Live music Awards 2018!

Women in Live music Awards 2018!

This will be a short announcement from the WILM awards here in London!

This is so incredible!

I just won the Women in live music award for beeing the female truck driver of the year! And it was my lucky day because i did also win the Bullsh*t Bingo!

It makes me so so happy. And i feel very honored to just beeing nominated at all and now i also won it!! I can’t explain in words how grateful i am over this and how amazing it feels to have this great support from all of you! 

So THANK YOU!! Thank you for voting on me and for sharing this with me. It is with happy tears i share this amazing moment with all of you!

And it was so fun to meet a few other from the organisation and a huge salute to the amazing women that started this and arranging this event. Really great work!! 

I’m very glad to be part of this group of strong women in live music buisness! You are all so inspiring and hard working people. And it makes me so proud of who i am and that i’m a part of it!

Thank you Johan, my amazing lovely man and greatest support in life for beeing here with me and to share this big moment with me! I love you so much! 

And huge thanks to my parents for also beeing such a great support and for raising me to become the woman i am today. I love you!

I am so proud! Proud that i have achived this award, and how far i’ve reach on so short time. Proud to be who i am!

Good night to all of you!

And again THANK YOU!! You are the BEST!



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