Riksteatern is a the national theatre organisation in sweden and that i’ve done a few tours with and i will share some pictures from a few of them here! The locations are from diffrent cities and theatres here in sweden. They are very nice people working there. And normally when driving one of their tours we all stay at hotels and rarely sleeping in the truck (mostly i prefer the truck though :P)

This one is from the first tour i made with them. And was actually a orchestra combined with opera and a version of Mozart’s Requeem. That was also the first time i heard classical music live and i was very surprised over my own reaction! It was amazing! I mean i’m more into rock’n’roll and i actually enjoyed that concert!

This was a interesting place to back into! It’s the load in to Lunds Stadsteater and normally trucks longer than 12m isn’t allowed in this town, but with a special permit i was allowed to go there with my 17m truck!But i managed without a scratch so it’s one of the places i’m a bit proud over!

Sometimes they have guests on tour with the national theatre organisation, for example Cirk La Putyka from Prague. And their amazing show Roots! They thought that it was enough with one semi-trailer but i saw directly that no matter how i do this, i will not get all of that on one truck. So it ended up with a small truck following me on tour so we made it work anyway! Brilliant and very talanted people that i had alot of fun with!

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