Tv-production Postkodlotteriet

Tv-production Postkodlotteriet

One of my first missions with MTAB was a small drive with a swedish tv-production called Postkodlotteriet for two days tv-recording here in sweden, and i was super excited! That job was made with two trailers so it was me and my co-worker Pierre as drivers.  It was really fun to see how they do when they do a tv recording and everybody was very friendly and fun to work with! In the picture below you see my first truck for MTAB.

And i have done a few more jobs for that tv-production with different types of recordings. Sometimes it was a regular truck (no trailer) and a few times with semi-trailer and link-trailer! Which ofcourse also was something completely new for me and much more to think about because of the length and that it folds on two places when you turns or going in reverse! That was very interesting!  Below you see how that kind of combo looks like and also here you see my first red and white beauty, a DAF from 2008, and actually i’m a fan of Scania but this DAF surprised me, it was amazing to drive and also the only one that had manual transmission on the company (which i sometimes prefer instead of automatic).

It was my second home and my baby for over one year til the company decided to sell her, that was a very sad day for me..

Rock on!


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