The beginning…

The beginning…

So, i started working with tour logistics in september 2016 for a company in sweden called MTAB Tour Logistics. It was a whole new world that opened up for me with a lot of new adventures waiting for me! It was one of the best choices i’ve made in my life that would completely change my life.

I kind of stumble over this job thru a good old friend of mine that i hadn’t met for a long time, we met at a car meeting for old american cars, when he asked me if i needed a job. Well i had a good job i thought with driving concrete, but why not some extra job is never bad for the wallet. But when he told me what kind of job it was i changed my mind!

This sounded way more interesting that i first thought! He told me that it was about driving all the equipment for different musicians, theatres and orchestras that are out on tour in scandinavia and europe. Wow, what a opportunity! So a few days later i met the manager for MTAB Tour logistics and i got the job! Well known that i have never driving a truck with a semi-trailer! But it turned out that i was a natural on that, because he said that he couldn’t tell that i had never drove that kind of trucks before after seeing me in action!

Thats a awesome compliment for someone that was so new in this business! And my confidence raised to the skies and i have a lot to thank MTAB for in that subject! For believe in me and that they gave me this chance to develop as a person and give me really good experiences!

So that was a little draft from my beginning in the world of touring!

So upcoming will be some posts from a few highlights from the past!

Rock on!

// Jess

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